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We have worked and continue to work with a wide variety of clients . Our consultants portfolios include some of the world's largest airlines, several Asian full service and low cost carriers, one of the world's most prominent airports, several international hotel chains,  one of the big four accounting firms, two of the world's largest insurance consulting firms, two peer-to-peer ride sharing startups and a large online retailer. Our business has covered client projects over twenty-six countries across Asia-Pacific, the Middle East, Europe, North America and Africa. We will be happy to share case studies on projects that we have clients' permission to share, and are relevant to your needs.

“Working with the team helped my team understand the core issues around customer engagement a lot better. Rather than simply developing a transactional programme, we were able to look deeper and develop a stronger value proposition. They understood our business objectives and aligned the engagement strategy perfectly with them.”

Director at a large online retailer

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